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Slate: One of the Best Roofing Materials You Can Use for Your Home

March 16th, 2022

The roof is one of the most important components of your house-it acts as your home’s main shield against harmful natural elements and it also serves as one of the main attractions of your home. This is why every homeowner like you should be wise in selecting the right roofing material. Among the available roofing materials, slate is one of the best that you can purchase.

Below are some reasons why you should consider slate as a roofing material.

Visually appealing. Slate has a kind of texture that looks smooth and solid when viewed from a distance. Since it mainly consists of clay or volcanic substances, slate looks naturally dark. Its natural dark color makes the exterior look more elegant, and it does not get dirty easily. Light-colored roofs are more vulnerable to stains and dirt-in just a few years, they get discolored due to acid rain and other environmental factors.

Long-lasting. Slate roofs can last up to several decades and some would even last up to more than a hundred years. Unlike other roofing materials, slate does not erode easily. It can endure extreme sunlight, moisture, and intense environmental onslaughts. However, slate roofs need to be inspected regularly. Roof experts advise homeowners to check their roofs every three years for possible shingle cracks.

Fireproof. It pays to use non-combustible roofing like slate. During summer when the sun is scorching hot and sudden fires become more frequent, it is important that your home has a shield against destructive flames. Slate, unlike wood and other combustible materials, cannot be damaged by fire. It also helps block extreme heat from coming inside the house. Since it is naturally a rocky material, it reflects heat, thus keeping the indoors cooler. You should also consider buying slate from Northern Virginia roofing contractors because they provide guaranteed durable and fireproof slate.

Moisture-resistant. Moisture can create extensive damage to the home structure-acid rain can discolor paint and rust metals and water leaks can rot and shrivel wooden materials. Slate is a non-porous material. Therefore, there is no way for moisture to pass through it. One of the best and water-resistant roofing that you can get nowadays would be the slate roofing in Arlington North Virginia citizens prefer.